A Wrinkle in Time is a story about Meg Murry, a high-school girl who goes on an adventure through time and space with her younger brother, Charles Wallace, and her friend, Calvin O'Keefe, to rescue her father, who is a scientist that has been missing for over a year. The evil forces hold him as a prisoner on another planet. The story begins with Mrs. Whatsit arriving at Meg’s house on a stormy night.  She explains that there is a tesseract -- a "wrinkle" in space and time.  Meg, her brother, and Calvin must travel through the wrinkle to rescue her father.  Mrs. Whatsit and her friends, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, explain that the universe is threatened by a great evil called the, “Black Thing.”  It has taken over several planets, including Camazotz, the planet where Mr. Murry is held as a prisoner. During their adventures, Charles Wallace is hypnotized by The Man with The Red Eyes. The Man with the Red Eyes works for IT. IT is a disembodied brain that is taking over the planet Camazotz. Now, Meg will have to find her father and get her brother back to normal.